Betty Wyatt’s 90th birthday

                     Betty Harper Wyatt 

She was born Betty Harper back in ‘22,
This lady of Virginia, known to me and you
As a force in the community; we all know that’s true.
Though she is ninety years today, her spirit’s ever new.
Betty, Betty Wyatt, she has a lot to say!  

From her home for many years the waters she could see.
From all over Hampton Roads there’s a unity.
Beyond the Army’s leaving we know its destiny.
Yes, Fort Monroe National Park, that’s how it’s got to be.
Betty, Betty Wyatt, don’t get in her way! 

With her fellow citizens Betty joined in;
Hampton, Richmond, Washington — the battle did begin;
And though at first we were ignored we knew that in the end
A good idea had found its time; the citizens would win.
Betty, Betty Wyatt, we all had much to say! 

We have all now gathered here to celebrate this day
With cake, ice cream, so much more, the good old fashioned way.
To Betty Harper Wyatt we all would like to say,
Along with many more to come, to you Happy Birthday.
Betty, Betty Wyatt, we celebrate your day! 

Adrian H. Whitcomb Jr.
Citizens for a Fort Monroe National Park

Can be sung to the tune of “Ballad of Davy
Crockett,” by George Bruns.

                                                           © 2012 Adrian H. Whitcomb Jr.