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October 25, 2012

Terrie Suit
Fort Monroe Authority
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, VA 23218
Re: Fort Monroe Wherry Quarter Concepts Opinion Survey

Dear Ms. Suit:
On behalf of Citizens for a Fort Monroe National Park (CFMNP), I wish to submit a complete copy of the survey forms completed by 1356 citizens, the vast preponderance from Hampton Roads, expressing (i) their preferences for treatment of the Wherry Quarter in the master plan for state-managed lands, and (ii) their opinion upon whether the Wherry Quarter and South Waterfront (i.e., the latter consisting of Batteries Parrott and Irwin, and the land on the Bay side of Fenwick Road between Battery Parrott and the boundary of the Wherry Quarter) should be added to the National Monument.

The summary sheet also attached shows the results: 1327 of the 1356 respondents, or 97.9%, preferred a 72 acre park in the Wherry Quarter, while 1293 of the respondents, or 95.4%, stated they wanted the Wherry Quarter and South Waterfront added to the National Monument in the future.
These results are stark but not surprising to CFMNP. Citizens have repeatedly and strongly indicated their preference for public open space and landscape preservation and restoration for all the lands north and east of the fortress at Fort Monroe, going back to the first public charettes in 2006. The first aspect of the stated FMA goals for Fort Monroe, “preserve the place”, has unfortunately been thus far interpreted in a cramped fashion by FMA planners, limiting preservation to historic buildings while largely treating the potentially National Monument-uniting grand landscape on the Wherry as a development site. CFMNP urges a plan that indeed preserves the place, including its landscape, recognizing that a big preservation vision, as recognized by citizens, will both provide a more complete and appealing National Monument and a more financially successful and valuable Fort Monroe as a whole.

Mark Perreault
cc: The Honorable Robert McDonnell, Governor of Virginia
Glenn Oder, Executive Director, FMA
Dwight Farmer, Executive Director, HRTPO
Fred Merrill, Sasaki
Kirsten Talken-Spalding, Superintendent, Fort Monroe National Monument
Fort Monroe Authority Members