Virginia League of Conservation Voters

August 19, 2013

Terrie Suit, Chair
Fort Monroe Authority
P.O. Box 1475
Richmond, VA 23218

Re: Fort Monroe – Planning of State Managed Lands

Dear Ms. Suit:

Please accept these comments on behalf of the Virginia League of Conservation Voters regarding the current planning effort for state-managed lands at Fort Monroe.

The Virginia League strongly supports slating the heart of the Wherry Quarter (50-55 acres between the fortress and the North Beach area of the National Monument) , and Batteries Parrott and Irwin plus the land connecting them to the Wherry Quarter on the Bay side of Fenwick Road, for preservation and ultimate addition to the National Monument. We believe such a plan would best serve to develop a beautiful, functional and high-performing Fort Monroe National Monument in conjunction with highly appealing and financially successful state managed lands at Fort Monroe, while serving to provide a dignified setting for interpreting Fort Monroe’s invaluable history and valuable public land along the Chesapeake Bay for the education and enjoyment of the public in the urban core of Hampton Roads. With this designation, we are confident that the public will rally in support of the plan and work together with you to make it a reality. We do not mean to minimize the financial challenges you face but believe a plan that maximizes Fort Monroe’s appeal will inevitably lead to more revenue opportunities than one which fails to do so.

Thank you for considering our comments and let me know if we can be of assistance.


Jeffrey Painter Executive Director

cc: Glenn Oder
Executive Director
Fort Monroe Authority
Old Quarters #1
151 Bernard Road
Fort Monroe, VA 23651

Kirsten Talken-Spalding
Fort Monroe National Monument
41 Bernard Road
Fort Monroe, VA 23651