Fort Monroe National Park Foundation


The Fort Monroe National Park Foundation, Inc.
was formed in June 2007 by leaders of Citizens for a Fort
Monroe National Park as a separate nonprofit, educational foundation dedicated
to educating the public and promoting better understanding nationally,
regionally and locally of the importance and potential of the 565 acres
constituting Fort Monroe. The foundation has been licensed by the Commonwealth
of Virginia to solicit funds and has been organized and operates in compliance
with Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The
foundation’s application for recognition of its 501(c)(3) exemption was approved
by the IRS in 2008, meaning your donations to the foundation are tax deductible
to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The foundation pursues various educational efforts related to Fort Monroe and
its future, including studies, programs, and production and distribution of
educational materials. The foundation commissioned a study of public
waterfront open space in Hampton Roads by the nationally recognized Trust for
Public Land, in order to provide the public a better understanding of the role
the open space (and potentially also the reclaimed open space) at Fort Monroe
could play in the quality of life and the economy of Hampton Roads. The
foundation will pursue other efforts related to the best use of Fort Monroe and
its sustainability.

The foundation needs YOUR FINANCIAL HELP to pursue its mission! Please
give as generously as you can. Please send your checks, payable to “Fort Monroe
National Park Foundation, Inc.,” to:

Fort Monroe National
Park Foundation, Inc.
P.O. 3526
Hampton, VA 23663-0526